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Allison Powell

Allison's motto is "Make it Happen". Since moving to Los Angeles from North Carolina, Allison has been involved in projects as an actor, writer, director, producer, and resident tea drinker. Her recent short film "Black Widow: Origins" got rave reviews from Movie Pilot News and toured the country with Geek Film Fest. Allison is an avid runner and just completed her first 50 mile trail run.


Jordan Wiser

Damian Alonso

Originally from El Paso TX, Damian Alonso is a Mexican-American actor known for playing Nick Taylor in the hit web series Hot Summer Daze (2019). He’s starred in multiple shorts, including Scarab (2018) by Desert People Company, who are also producing his next upcoming feature film Dirt City releasing in 2020. You can most likely find him on his Instagram (@thedamianalonso) obsessing over Monty’s Good Burger and other delicious vegan treats throughout Los Angeles. 



George Whitaker

Like many actors, George’s love of performing started from a very young age. After graduating from Elon University with a BFA in Acting, he moved across the country to build a career in film and television where his deep curiosity has led him to fill various positions throughout production. Recent credits include Yallah Habibi (2018), Banshee Avalon (2019), and the upcoming A Giant Without a Head! (2020). When he’s not on set, you can find him making coffee and cocktails at Audrey at the Hammer, or in rehearsals for the social justice-oriented concert chorus, Tonality.



Virginia Reece

Virginia spent years training to be an opera singer until she made her first commercial. From that moment, Virginia fell in love with camera work, and a pursuit of honesty and human understanding ensued — on both sides of the camera. Virginia made her film debut in Adam Sandler’s 50 FIRST DATES and since then she has been in many films, television shows, and commercials. Currently, Virginia can be seen in BULL MOUNTAIN LOOKOUT with Tara Karsian which is on the festival circuit. It has won many Best Picture awards and Virginia has earned a Best Actress nomination for her portrayal as CHRISTINE. Virginia is also and accomplished producer, yet when not working in front of or behind the camera, you can find her sitting at the piano writing love songs.


Dr. G

Lisa Kaminir

Lisa is a bi-coastal actress and storyteller, splitting her time between Los Angeles

and New York. A long time veteran of the TV guest star circuit, she has been

working longer than some of the cast of Banging Lanie has been alive:) She has had

recurring roles on Boston Legal, Boston Public, Crossing Jordan and The Naked

Truth. Lisa has also done a bunch of films and a ton of theatre and loves writing and

performing in storytelling shows. She earned a theatre degree from Northwestern




Daniela Rivera

Daniela Rivera is an actress, known for Banging LanieDirty John (2018) and Fraternal (2018)

Theatrical Headshot for print.jpg


Juan Felipe Restrepo

Juan Felipe Restrepo, is a Colombian actor whose career started at age 14 with the "Maleta Roja" theatre company back in his country.  In 2014 he decided to move to L.A, trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and then got his BFA on Acting from the New York Film Academy. Nowadays Juan Felipe is still training and honing his craft, either doing workshops or scene study classes or adding skills such as Voice Over, Stunts, Stage Combat, Motion Capture and parkour to his repertoire.



Brandon Ruiter

Brandon grew up in Grand Rapids Michigan. He graduated from Grand Rapids Christian High and later from Hope College with a BA in Theatre and Communication. Credit highlights include Into The Storm (2014), Gilmore Girls (2016),

And the upcoming Black Excellence.

His surname is of Dutch origin. It means horsebackrider. It's a common name in the Netherlands.



Grant Terzakis

Production took place just a few short months after he packed up the car and drove from Boston to Los Angeles to continue his career as a screen actor. He was in Boston for 5 years, 4 of which were spent completing a degree in Theatre at Northeastern University and one of which was spent preparing/stressing out over his plan to relocate to L.A. Before Boston, Grant spent his youth in Chicago where he toiled away in sports until injuries forced him to choose a more stable career path: The Arts. 

Grant currently works as both an actor and photographer in Los Angeles and isn't too annoying to follow on social media so at least there's that. 



Lydia Folckomer

Lydia is a Los Angeles based actor, writer, director and producer with a focus on comedy. She did the NYC grind for three years prior to quitting her comfy desk job and blowing her entire life up to move to LA. Her recent work includes the parody web series Girls in a City, and sitcom pilot Empower M.E. Lydia graduated from UNC Greensboro with a BA in Drama, and has studied comedy at UCB, The Second City, and The PIT. 

DSC_0767 edited FR.jpg

Principal Harding/Exec Producer

Gerald McGrory

Gerald McGrory is native of Los Angeles who managed to escape So Cal just long enough to get a degree in English Lit from Arizona State University.

Actor, producer, writer, musician, and probably a few other things, Gerald has appeared in "Like Father, Like Son," "Born in Heaven," "Banging Lanie," and a few other films.

Gerald is also a member of the Independent Shakespeare Company and can be seen around town playing bass in the shoegaze/goth/punk band Surely Lorraine.


Ms. Noh/Producer

Lola Noh

Lola is originally from Northern California and found her love of performing as a young, competitive gymnast. Her start in film was as the lovable gorilla, Amy, in the movie CONGO directed by Frank Marshall. Since then she has made appearances in TV shows, web series, commercials, and short films. Although she loves being in front of the camera, Lola has also produced (with a lot of coffee!) numerous music videos, independent short films and features.


Director of Photography

Josh Andersen

Josh is a native Los Angeles up-and-coming cinematographer, who fervently studies the work of greats like Roger Deakins, Robert Elswit, and Sean Bobbit. Coming up through lighting, camera, and art departments, he understands the value of hard work and team effort. He has been practicing guitar since 2011 and is a big fan of karaoke. 



Adam Kassel

Adam Joseph Kassel was born in New Jersey and raised in Las Vegas. He attended UNLV where he studied film production alongside what would become some of his best friends.Since moving to LA Adam has worked for various production companies (including It's A Laugh for Disney). He is best known for his work on short films and music videos including 'Boyana', 'Get Wed Soon', 'Samaritans', 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' for The Beatles' LOVE and 'Love Pyre' for Jesse Pino and the Vital Signs.



Lauren Brooks

Lauren spent her early years living in theater around the city of Boston. After obtaining a degree in Theater from UMass Amherst in 2011, she decided to extend her creative and logistic talents to the film industry. After college she moved to San Diego and honed her budgeting and scheduling skills as a project manager. Three years later  Lauren began her master's program in producing at Chapman University. She received her MFA in May 2017.

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